Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Out in Cisco Wash, Jim caught a mouse and told George. George got off his horse, piled up a pile of rocks and dared Jim to come close. Out in the corral at Cisco, Jim had wrapped the mouse in toilet tissue. He rode over to George and said, “Nellie fixed us some sandwiches.” George opened his and saw the mouse. He nearly left the corral. It is a wonder they didn’t kill each other.

In 1945 my folks were living in Washington State. Les and Fern wanted to go to the rifle shoot in Yakima. Jim and I went along. We took the bus over to the folks at Aberdeen. Carl, his wife Merna, and daughters Karla and Ruby, my sister Pearl and her husband Monte Payne also lived there. We had some of the best salmon. We met Fern and Les in Seattle and none of us had ever been on a self-operated elevator. The one Jim and I got on, another man got on too. He punched a floor and said, “What is yours?” We told him and we made it fine. Fern came up on another one and we could see her as she went by, saying, “How do you stop this son-of-a-bitch?” We came back through Yellow Stone National Park. It was a good trip.

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