Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Another fall drive we made, Jim decided to keep the calves ‘till yearlings, like Paces always did. It took three full days from the valley. The weather was warm. We didn’t make any money and didn’t try it again. We did hold them ‘till March one year, for the fall price hadn’t been too good and we had plenty of feed. Howard Shultz came up to look at them and consigned them through the sale yard. We drove them down the canyon, loaded them on trucks and went out. We got 53 cents. It was good, but that was a onetime deal, too.

One time going out with the cows and calves to Cisco (after shipping the calves, the cows trailed back to the desert and were on the winter range), Bud and George were helping that time. It was an easy trip. George didn’t like mice and Jim didn’t like snakes. In gathering up the cows one morning, Bud got a rattlesnake. Jim saw him, left and sat away up on a ridge. He watched Bud. Jim said, “I had a loop built. If he’d have come close, I was going to catch his horse and jump off mine.” Instead, Bud came to the pickup and asked if he could put it in the Dutch oven. I said, “No way!” He killed it for his fingers were getting numb.

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