Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

While the other cows were going, we built a fire. Our lunches were wet. My gloves were wet. I tried to dry them and burnt out one thumb. After getting the one cow across, Jim rode on to get ahead and count. We didn’t lose a one. So on we rode and where Pearl and Monte were to be, no camp. It had cleared and was getting cold. We waited about an hour and Jim said, “Let’s go to Dalton’s. They can pick up our tacks.” Just then I saw them coming. They told us about the snow on the mountain, but didn’t have to chain up. Later Bud told us, as did Elmer Lee, they had lunch with Bud and coffee with Elmer.

It was cold, snowy, and too late to set up the tent, so camped in the dugout. At least the snakes were hole up. We hung a cover over the doorway. The next day, we rounded up the cows and went on our way.

The dugout had been built and used in the vanadium days, when it was packed off Polar Mesa. It stopped there and was trucked on out to Cisco. At one time there was a telephone from Polar to Dewey. The line crossed Thompson Canyon. That line swung there a long time; and a long, long span hooked onto pinion trees up that trail.   At that time it was before the road was changed to go around through the Bull Draw and up Corey’s Draw. The road from Polar Mesa came up Tin Roof Draw, connected there at Bob and Clyde’s cabin to the main road, then went through the pasture and off Fisher Point. Jim and I usually tried it in the spring, for it was a shortcut. But we got stuck nearly every time.

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