Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

That fall we moved off the mountain and cut out the replacement heifers on Thanksgiving Day. He and Monte took the cows out on the rim to go to Cisco and ship the calves. Pearl and I put the camp gear together. Jim had asked if Pearl and I would take the pickup over the mountain and meet them at the Dugout to camp. I said, “Let Monte go that way, then if there is any trouble, he will be there.” Jim said, “You will go rain or shine.” I told him yes.

Thanksgiving was a beautiful day, warm and sunshine. We got up early the next morning, still warm but we had a black, black sky. We left at 4:00 a.m.   We let the cows out and started around the point and it began to snow, and I mean snow. We couldn’t see a thing. I even tried to turn the cows around and thought they were headed back to the ranch. We went along fine until we hit the head of Lions Canyon. All of the cows and calves crossed but one. We worked and chased, then finally Jim got his rope around her horn and tried to pull her down the slope. He said to me, “Twist her tail and spur her.” Really I did, but Sinbad was on the slope and I was afraid he’d slip. There was a chopped off tree stump there, so Jim got his rope around it. I’d push and he’d take up the slack. Finally we got her across. In all of the hitting, she’d lost an eye.

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