Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Billy had the toothache while there. It was over the 4th of July. George, Essie, and boys came up. George got pretty “high” and would go sit by Mrs. Mc and sing That Old Black Magic. She was a little put out at George.

Back during the war, we were given stamps for coffee, sugar, gas and liquor. We could trade around and get extra coffee and extra sugar for hired help and hay hands, so we did all right. Tires were the main problem. It was the synthetic tires gave the most problem.

We had three other bachelors. A man named Townsend we found had been in the pen, but was quite a good worker for one winter. Another winter we had a fellow from Gateway. I’ve lost his name. He had sold sewing machines and repaired them. A little off, but filled in. Then there was Sap Davis, an ex-miner and prospector and native of Moab. He was better than nothing. You name them and we had them, all different experiences.

Alva Johnston and family came again when Bob was a baby. He leased the place that time in 1948-49 to l950. Sure helped us. We didn’t have to worry about haying or any of the going back and forth.

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