Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Come spring, Jim and I went to the winter camp to ride. We came back and Guy was clean-shaven. I asked what happened. He said, “There was a fire hazard. I was burning weeds and it caught on fire.” Early May he wanted to go to town for a week. We took him down. Jim went back for him in a week and no Guy. We kept checking, but never heard from him. That fall he showed up at Essie White’s and asked where Jim was. He told her he didn’t intend to drink, but did. He bought a bus ticket and ended up in Oregon. He didn’t come back to us. We had Alva and Susie Johnston one year. He was a good farmer.

In 1946, Jim bought a John Deere tractor.   Bill and Zelpha wanted a vacation so brought Grandmother and Billy and Jerry to Moab, the same day we were to get the tractor. On the way to the mountain, Grandmother said, “Do you think we can make these boys mind while they are up here.” I told her they weren’t mine. Jim drove the tractor up and that poor Gerry got more “paddles.” He couldn’t hurt a thing. He would go up and sit on the seat and pretend he was driving. A heifer died in the pasture and Jim hooked on to drag her off. Jerry crawled on the dead critter and said, “Uncle Jim, can I ride the dead cow.” Someone got him off. He was a very normal boy.

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