Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

One thing Jim told me when riding that country was that if there was snow to follow the brush; for those smooth places could be very slick. The horses really knew the trail. One time going to the cabin and passing by the John Brown Canyon, we decided to give our horses their heads and see what they’d do. We were riding Scatterbarins and Sinbad.   Both just walked up to the side of that cabin and stopped. They had been there many times before.

Val and Louise Westwood wanted to move to town. Pearl and Monte went out for Monte to register for the army. He was turned down, so they went to California to look for work. We were sort of alone. Bill and Lillian Boulden spent one winter and late into the spring there. Bill liked it, but Lillian was used to more people.

We had a bachelor from Blanding, Guy Washburn, stay with us. He was quite a fellow. He told us one night he had a girl friend he liked very much, but “…she breathed on his neck when they danced.” He quit her. He was middle age and had grown up with the Indians and had some crude ways. He knew his Mormonism, but said they’d never let him get near the temple. He liked his liquor and coffee. It was the year of the Mormon Centennial, 1947. He stayed in the valley all winter and let his beard grow. He had pretty pure white hair, as was his beard. I kept the haircut. You might say that I cut Jim’s hair a lot, and Joe Taylor’s.

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