Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

When we got to town, Westwoods were having a farewell party for Bish. We didn’t want to stay, but Bish and Delmar picked me up. Dee and Shelba picked up Jim and we stayed to party. There was the Bishop and wife and Ralph and Genevieve Miller. Anyway, Mr. Westwood asked the Bishop to bless the dinner. He did, then Pa said “By God, if there isn’t enough here on the table I’ll send the old lady to the cellar.” Jim and I stayed all night at the Moab Hotel. It had been moved from Cisco. The next morning it was 18 degrees. That night we went with a group to put Bish and Vaughn Taylor on the train to the army.

Jim decided that John Brown Canyon, between Fisher Valley and Dewey, was quite a ways from the rest of the winter and spring range. John Brown was a prospector looking for silver, but didn’t have much luck. There was a little cabin up there where we sometimes stayed. One time we camped under a ledge along the creek in Cow Skin Canyon. It was a good camp. Only one morning, looking up at the overhang, a big slab of rock looked loose. So the next time we moved across the creek where it was warmer and there was a sandstone rock. We stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Dalton (he had married) two times. Then we pitched a tent in the bottom of Cottonwood, where the trail crossed going toward Dewey. Not a bad camp, only Jim picked up what looked like a good camp stove. I wondered why it was thrown away. Later we found out. It had four little lids on top and smoked like a “sinner.” Our faces were so black and everything by the time we got back to Fisher Valley. We thought we washed good. We’d take two half sacks of oats for the horses. It would balance the pack. We used them to set on, but were on the ground by the time the oats were gone.

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