Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

In the night we heard voices. They called to Jim. He had tied his horse to a tree, not too close to the rim of Waring Canyon.   Something must have spooked him. Bud said, “He’s over the canyon. I’m going down.” Wouldn’t you know, we didn’t have a flashlight. We always carried one after that. Bud called up and said, “I think he has an eye knocked out.” Jim said, “I’ll bring the ax. I don’t want a one eyed horse.” Then Bud said, “No, he is up and eating.” Jim said, “They do that just before they die.” The horse acted all right so they left him until morning. Jim brought him out, but he was badly stove up, bruised. So I took him to Dewey to borrow a horse from Valgene. The horse got all right. We renamed him Ghost of Waring Canyon. The name Ghost stuck.

The Bish horse Jim had tried to break, and he didn’t have very good luck. Bish Westwood said he’d break him. He did quite well, but Bish was called into the army. He sent word up. He’d bring the horse to the Titus place on the river on a certain Saturday, the first part of March, if we’d take him back to town. Jim and I went out of the valley on a Saturday. It was cold. When we got out of the canyon, there was the coldest north wind across Professor Valley. I was so cold when we got to Tituses’ place, I couldn’t unbuckle my chaps. Bish did. He had a pint of whiskey. Never have I had a swallow that helped and tasted so good.

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