Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

I took the pickup and camp gear to Moab and stayed with Essie White. On the way to town I had a flat tire in Castle Valley and changed it. The spare was a pre-war tire, very smooth. War tires were synthetic. I got the tire fixed in town, but didn’t have it changed. That day I was to go meet the fellows, Jim, Bud, and George. They had played all the way out and had a good time. George was riding the horse called Bish. I may be getting ahead of myself. Essie and I made apple pies and fried chicken. I got away from the Dewey Bridge a couple of miles. Crossing a little wash I didn’t gear down quick enough and killed the engine. The wash was real sandy. I was afraid to put power on that smooth tire. I looked the situation over and decided to walk and meet the fellows. I walked a couple of miles and they were sitting up on a point where they could see lots of the bends in the road. Finally, Bud said, “There she is, walking. I can see her white hat.” They met me and, when I said what was in the pickup to eat, they left me in the dust. Of course Jim had no trouble getting the pickup out and didn’t scold me. He was just glad to see me.

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