Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

We were very fortunate in the time we were in Fisher Valley. There were no bad accidents or broken arms or legs. I guess we’d have gotten out some way.

Monte put the tarpaper shingles on the old house. It made it look a lot better. I put building paper on the inside, even painted the ceiling of the kitchen. It made it a lot lighter. Fern and Les came that same evening. Les said, “You sure covered up a lot of fly specks.” When the wind blew and it was snowing, fine particles would blow under the eve into the room.

In 1942, I was in Fruita and Jim came out. He said John Dalton went to the end of Fisher Valley to get a load of wood. He let Glassy and Fanny follow. He knew there was coyote poisoning traps down there. Both dogs got a bate. John didn’t like dogs, so….

Fanny was on the mountain one time when Mrs. Mc was up there. We were setting on the bed. Fanny came in and crawled under the bed and got a paw caught in a rat trap. She was no problem to get out and take the trap off.

That fall when it was time to move off the mountain, we didn’t have the road yet from North Beaver to the Ranch. Must have built it in 1943 or 1944, for Monte was there to help in the Hideout part. Monte also put the tar shakes on the mountain house.

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