Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

It was 1942 when we took the calves to Cisco to ship. John Dalton was helping us. Ralph Dalton, his son, and wife, Vonna, lived there. Ralph drove the mail truck, but Vonna cooked dinner for us that day. We really appreciated it. At this writing, Vonna is quilting with the group. We have come a long way around.

Then there was the time when Ted Wareham was working for Paces, before he married. He and Sid Mike were coming to the mountain horseback with a pack. Ted had had problems that day, including the pack turning. They got to our place quite late and ate. It was a war of mice everywhere. Clyde had a good cat mouser. We borrowed him. He would set up on the shelf of the old house and snared many a mouse. A couple of mice ran across the 2X4. Ted and Sid Mike were setting on the couch. Ted kept drawing his legs up under him. Finally someone said, “Mike are you afraid of those damn things? We’ll help that cat catch them.”

Jim came to Fruita and I was there. He had put “horn weights” on one of the yearling bulls. One of the bulls threw his head and really cut a gash in the palm of Jim’s hand. He had to have several stitches.

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