Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

The road into the place was changed. It used to come in below where it is now, up by the outhouse, in fact. The next morning after Jim and I got to the mountain his dad was down working on the 2-holer. It was just a seat with some poles around and a canvas door. Jim’s dad said, “A hell of a place to bring a bride to.” Jim and I later built the one now standing in the pasture. Anyway, they decided to come into the pasture, up by Bear Creek Crossing. The road had lots of turns and bends, and one steep hill over the Bear Creek Crossing. We had the old dog, Pooch, with us. He’d come up from the ranch and didn’t want to come back. He was old. Jim bought him in Provo for $5.00. Jim’s grandma Seamount said, :I don’t know why Jimmy wants to pay $5.00 for a dog. I can get him one for nothing.” Our Jack dog was out of him, and a mighty good dog. He was worth two men, but he wouldn’t work for me if Jim was along. He would walk along on the outside of the herd and watch Jim. So I took to taking the lead bunch.

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