Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

That summer Claron Baily came up and built on a porch across the front. Jim and I built a saddle shed.

Previously, Jim and Val had sawed down the big pine tree that stood at the northwest corner of the house. I was afraid lightning would strike it. When we put the sideboards on the shed it started to lean. Jim hooked the team of horses on one corner. I made them stand still. He pounded in enough nails to hold it. When we were putting on the roof. Bob and Clyde came over one evening. She had a lemon pie and we fixed the rest of supper. That shed was good for a long time. It still stands.

Mrs. Mc was in Fisher Valley one June and had lots of rhubarb and strawberries. We made jam. We brought a case to the mountain and put it in the back corner of the shed with other cases of fruit. We were bothered with rats. Jim saw one go in the shed and shot it with his .30-.30. He got the rat, right through the case of strawberry jam. Before we built the room and porch, he saw a rat’s nest under the board on the roof of the house. We had an outside washstand that attached to the house. Jim shot up under the board. He got the rat and little pink ones came tumbling down on the stand.

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