Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

War guns were sounding in Europe. I was in Fruita when on December 7, 1942, when war was declared. Japs had bombed Pearl Harbor. It made many changes in the whole world. Jim had to register, as did Bob. Neither had to report for duty. Many friends did. That Christmas we stayed in Fisher Valley. Clayton Dalton was called up. Mr. Dalton went to the Scarf Ranch and bought a piece of ground on the mountain.

Valgene and Louise Westwood came to the valley to work. On March 4, 1944, I got really sick. They took me out in the wagon that manure had been hauled in. We went to Moab and it took all day. Lester was herding at our camp. He had been over to the ranch and had butchered a lamb.

We went to Moab and I was in the hospital about five weeks (lacking two days). They couldn’t seem to locate the problem. I had miscarried at the ranch and had such terrible pains. Dr. Allen operated and I had a “tubule” pregnancy and very bad appendix.

Pearl and Monte were in the valley with us. I didn’t go back into the valley that spring, but went to Fruita. We moved to the mountain the first part of June. Bud and June Johnston and children moved up with us.

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