Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Back to when we came home from the stock show: Jim said I haven’t seen Moab at “play” for a long time. We had gotten acquainted with Bob and Clyde, Madge and Gainy Duncan, Maury, and Todds Robertson, Helen and Lester Taylor, Mitch and Dorrie Melich. Helen was pregnant with Joe D. We went to the March of Dimes dance and had a good time. It was different from what I had done before. There were two different groups we went around with.

Lester stayed with us when he would come through Fisher Valley to the sheep camps and filled us in on the news. It would take all day to pull a pack string from Dewey to Fisher Valley.

When Pearl and Budge sold Florence Creek to the Tribal Council, Jim went over and bought out a little band of sheep. He kept them in Fisher Valley. It was quite a time shearing sometimes. One time Jim left one big ewe ‘till the last. She was ornery and had quite a big lamb.   Jim was tired, it was late, and the ewe wouldn’t stay still. So he tapped her on the heard. She lay real still. Soon he looked up at me and said, “Hell, I killed her.” He had tapped her at the butt of the ear. (One less to shear.) I tied fleeces, kept his shears rinsed, and sacked a lot of wool. We had lots of nice blankets made. The first winter I was there, Jim’s dad had picked up a stray ewe. Lester said if she had a ewe lamb he’d take it. She didn’t. That started the herd.

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