Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

So we summered in the fall that Mrs. Mc came to the mountain. Clayton Dalton was there and it was foggy and rainy and cold all the time. But Clayton and Jim built on a bedroom and put in a little “monkey stove” that Zelpha sold us. It made it nice. They built a platform across the front. It sure helped when the mud was bad. Clayton left that fall.

When the calves were shipped that fall, we paid off the debt of $7,000.00 to the Production Credit Assn., a company that loaned money to ranchers and stockman. They budgeted anyone who borrowed. The four of us had lived on $100.00 per month cash. Of course gas was 25 cents a gallon, apartment rent was $25.00 per month (later raised to $35.00 per month).

After paying off the big debt, we had to borrow a little along the way, but Jim told himself if ever he got out of debt, he’d never go in again. He held to it quite well.

In 1942, desert feed was short. We took a bunch of cattle to Green River and pastured them. Budge and Les came over. George and Bud helped us across the river. I drove the camp truck around. We camped in Salt Valley then got out to the underpass this side of Green River on Thanksgiving Day. Les and Budge went into town, brought us out a turkey dinner. We night herded the cows and were tired.

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