Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

On January we went by train to the National Western Livestock Show in Denver, and that was before the train cars were “tight.” By the time one got through the tunnels, our face and nostrils were black. We couldn’t get a room where Jim usually stayed, so they sent us up to the Argonaut by the Capital. The clerk said, “I have a corner suite left. It was a large room with a pull down bed; a single room with single bed and bath for $6.00 per night. Jim looked at me and said: “I guess we can afford it for three nights.”

We had a good time. They had the best piano players in the lounge. Jim had a brown suit and I insisted he have brown dress oxfords. They nearly killed him. When I stayed out when Mr. Mc was sick, I’d wear them around the house to break them in. One day when Dr. Orr was there, he looked at my feet and said, “Now that is true love!” In Denver he had to buy a pair of house shoes to wear.

When we got back to Grand Junction, we bought a console radio for Mrs. Mc, just a new one out, Philco. It had “no stop, no squint, not stoop,” and it had the slanted dial.

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