Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Jim and Delmar brought the cows and calves out to Waring Canyon where they had a tent setup. After ordering railroad cars and talking with the brand inspector, Ute Osborn, and I went down to meet them. The calves were delivered to Cisco again. We went to Fruita. Jim and I went over the accounts and we came out $200.00 short. We couldn’t figure it out. This was my first experience with the business. It got late and we had to go back down the river. We stayed all night at the Titus place. I worried and knew Jim did too. All at once I remembered and said to Jim: “We forgot to figure in the $200.00 contract fee. What a relief!

That fall Les Peterson and his two nephews went to the mountain, hunting. I went to Fruita. After that fall Fern and Les came hunting several times. We had good times in Fisher Valley, too. We went out for Thanksgiving that year. All the family came.

We came out at Christmas, too. The next eight years Jim and I stayed in Fisher Valley. We had stock to feed, or maybe the hired hands wanted to be gone, which is only natural. Besides, Jim didn’t really care about Christmas. I always bought my own gifts after that first one.

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