Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

I always wished he could have seen the desert that spring. I don’t think I ever saw it bloom so pretty. Anyway his heart failed and he died July 19, 1941, at age 69. His birthday had been on July 14. He is buried in Provo, Utah.

That made a change somewhat in our lives. Jim had full responsibility of the outfit and his mother’s interest. He managed very well and took wonderful care of her. She lived to be 96. The last eight or nine years, she lived with Iona.

That summer, Jim went over to the Range Valley Mountain, out of Sunnyside, where McPhersons summered when at the Florence Creek Ranch. He sort of wanted to get back there. Fern and Les went along. I had a bad hip and couldn’t ride. A little bone had slipped out. It took a couple of treatments and it was fine.

Just before his dad died, Jim got a new Dodge pickup for about $750.00. When it was time to move off the mountain that fall it had rained and rained. Jim took me and our “plunder” to the Goudelock ranch. He went back to the mountain with Bob. That was the first time I had driven the pickup—or down the river road. It wasn’t like it is now. It was narrow and slick in places. I went out to Thompson and stayed all night with Zelpha and Bill.

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