Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

February passed and the first of March Jim had to get his driver’s license renewed. We went out and on to Fruita. I stayed out a week. Jim and his dad came out and Mr. Mc didn’t feel good, so he stayed in Fruita. Toward the end of March, Jim took the horses to the river to meet them, but came back alone. I had really cleaned the cabin, baked bread and all. A letter had come saying his Dad still didn’t feel good. In a day or two, Jim and I went to Fruita. The Doctor hadn’t found any cause, only his legs wouldn’t work very well. On one of our trips out to check on them, the last of April, Mr. Mc had said, “I wish Jim would come out.” That evening Jim helped his dad to the bathroom and back to bed. Mr. Mc never got up again. Fern wanted to take him to Salt Lake, but he said no. I really think he knew what was the matter. I stayed out a lot of the time. Pearl and Budge were on their mountain (Book Cliffs). Fern and Les were working in Salt Lake. Bill and Zelpha were in Thompson and she was pregnant with Jerry.

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