Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

We went into Fisher Valley. They had a couple of Pace cows come off the mountain and down on the Winter Range. On the 22nd of December, Buck Buchanan came into the valley. He rode down to the Brown Camp with us, found his cows and went on out. On the 23rd, Jim’s dad came out with a pack and a couple of dressed turkeys. We went to Fruita.

We went to Grand Junction for supplies on the 24th. Jim said “What do you want for Christmas? A coat, dress?” I said, “No, just a handkerchief from you.” He asked if I wanted a red one or a blue one.

They canned beef with the hot water bath. I had used Mother’s pressure cooker, so told Jim I’d really like to have one. That was my Christmas. I did a lot of beef, pork and chickens through the years.

Fog was so thick we couldn’t leave Fruita the next day, and waited another day. We took a load of hay out to the “Dugout” and rode into Fisher Valley the next day. The Dugout was a cellar the Polar Mesa miners fixed up to leave their uranium and vanadium in. It was cold. Jim built a fire. His dad and I stayed by it while he looked about for some cows.

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