Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

That fall, Jim went into Florence Creek to get some mares they’d left there with Budge. Pearl and Budge sold out to the Ute Tribal Council and moved their cows to Icelander, over by Price, Utah.

A fellow hauled the mares to Dewy and Jim and I took them up over the Winter Range Trail, into Fisher Valley. Later Jim took in a few head of sheep.

On Thanksgiving Iona, John and their five children (Robert was five months old) wanted to go to Salt Lake City. Mrs. Mc was going and insisted I go. She said: “Dad and Jim won’t be out.” I tried every way to get out of it. We all piled in that Ford and it was not very big. We stayed the night in Green River with Pearl and Budge. Next day on the Summit, we hit a deep, deep snowstorm. We made it on to Fern and Les Peterson’s place. They had bought a pretty home on Evergreen Street. Jim called. They’d come out and were in Green River.

We came back to Green River on Sunday; a beautiful day. Jim said, “Don’t you ever ride with John Burrett again. He isn’t safe.

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