Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

On August 9, Jim and I went out to Fruita. Carl Kingsley and Merna Carter were married and Mother and Dad wanted a reunion. Mildred, Everett and boys were there, along with Pearl and Monte. Jim and I stopped in Cisco and had lunch with Zelpha. They were at the depot then. She took a, shall we say, A wedding picture of us. I treasure it.

The Church had a party for Carl and Merna and Jim and me. They gave Carl and Merna a bedspread and us a number of packages; a quilt, quilt top, etc. Jim said, “We could have done without that gift stuff.

The fall riding started. Mrs. Mc and I went to town.

(Oh, the wooden pieced bowl was from a fiend of Jim’s at Crawford, a Gordon Meeks.)

In September we were all in Fruita. Pearl and Budge came up. Budge had first bought a high crowned Stetson hat. He put it on my head and said, “That is your wedding present.”

I had gone out because I had an infection from a “fallen kidney.” I had to take two big bottles of the worst tasting medicine ever.

Ute Osborn, the cattle buyer, was going to Cisco to receive the calves. He sent word I would go with him. While they were cutting and weighing, Jim’s dad said to me: “Nellie, if we could get this price for three years, we could make some money.” Steer calves were nine cents per pound and heifers seven cents. From that time the price went up, it was never that low again.

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