Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

The day the family was to go to Fisher Valley to hay again, and my first trip, Jim had tried to move and turn a bull. Mr. Bull didn’t want to turn and tipped over Jim and his horse. This hurt Jim’s shoulder. So the line out was Mr. Mc and the “pack,” Mrs. Mc on Snip, the big white workhorse had to be led. Jim couldn’t. He put me on Sinbad and said, “Don’t let the lead rope get under his tail.” Then Mr. Mc said, “I wish he hadn’t put you on this horse.” That helped a lot. Here I go down the trail with the rope out at arms length. We made it fine.

The hay was put up. Mr. and Mrs. Mc and I rode down through the cornfields. It was sure a pretty sight. Almost like Iowa’s, and not a cocklebur. They were awful when McPhersons first took the ranch.

We canned lots of apricots and made apricot jam. It was really good. We went back to the mountain and Mr. and Mrs. Mc stayed in the valley a few days, then came up and went to Fruita for a while.

Bob and Clyde Goudelock were married in July and moved to the Tin Roof Pastures. They had a framed up tent for a house, and sheep. I met Helen Taylor soon after that. We had Helen and Suzanne over to dinner one day the last of August. Jim and I had the noon meal at the Bar A.

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