Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Next day was the 4th of July. Jim asked if I’d go with Essie and Billy to get snow and make ice cream. I rode Salem and took a pack. Seemed like we had ridden a long way, when I saw smoke coming from a stove pipe. I wondered who would live away off up here. It was an old prospector. Fred McCoy was his name. He “…just knew there was copper in those peaks.” We loaded the snow and we headed home. We got back to the cabin and there was Bert and Ireta Buchanan, Buck’s parents. Chick and Grace Hawks, and their two boys, Billy and Bobby, were also there. Mr. Mc had built a bench that morning, we just had the flower can and some powder boxes to sit on.

Mrs. Mc stirred up the ice cream, put it in a gallon Karo bucket, and Mr. Mc sat there and twisted in the mixture of salt and snow. It froze and was good. This was a very different 4th of July for me, but fun.

It was along in here somewhere when Jim told me why he was late coming out

to get married. I didn’t know it was one of the busiest times of the year for a cow outfit. They had put the cows on the La Sal Mountain and he’d packed out salt. They raised registered Hereford bulls.   They were on Polar Mesa. He went to check on them and they were out of water; no “live water” there, just run off from ponds. He drove the bulls to the mountain pasture, then went off into Fisher Valley to get the pickup.   They were haying, so he stayed to help; not saying that he was on his way to get married. So, all is well that ends well, and it did.

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