Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

On Sunday it was back to Fruita and Zelpha was quite upset. She wanted proof of our marriage. I had told my folks and asked Jim if he was telling his folks. He said, “No, they try to find out too much anyway.”

I gathered up things to go to the mountain, ranch, or wherever. We went to Grand Junction for supplies to take up. Jim bought a cowgirl hat. It was fun until the first rain. All the starch went out and it was down around my ears. We also got a tent. That evening Jim told Zelpha he bought a house. She said, “Oh good. What is it like, what kind of siding, brick, wood, or what? How much?” Jim told her he gave $14.75. In those days, one could buy a quite good house for $1,000.00. When she asked, “What kind?”   Jim said “Rag.”

Later I asked Jim, “How come you took up with me? I was skinny, tall, and not good looking.” He replied: “I always wanted the girl I married to be about as tall as I. I didn’t want to look down to her; only right in the eye.” With me, he had it.

June 24, we said “bye” to the family and headed West. We stopped at the Titus Ranch and met Mr. and Mrs. Titus and their granddaughter, Selba. Her brother, Delmar, was on the La Sal Mountain with the cows. The two were raised by the grandparents. On Andy Mesa we caught up with Mr. Don Taylor. He had a load of lumber on a wagon pulled by a team of horses. He was headed for Bar A (previously owned by Amasa Larsen), their headquarters for the sheep outfit. Jim introduced me. Sometime later, Lester told me “When Dad got to the mountain he said, ‘I met Jim’s wife today, and I don’t think she is the girl for him. Looks like a city girl to me.’” He later got to know me.

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