Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

We left Fruita the morning of June 22, at 4:30 a.m. and unloaded the salt in Cisco at Ralph Dalton’s place, then went on to Price. Ralph drove the mail truck.

At that time, the courthouse stayed open until noon on Saturday. We got the license and Jim said, “Now to find someone to marry us.” The clerk said there was a judge upstairs. Jim said, “We want a minister.” I always admired him for that. Not that it makes a lot of difference, but when we were talking of getting married, he said, “None of this aisle

business for me,” meaning no church wedding.

After that, Jim said, “I have to go see a fellow,” and left the room. I asked no questions. I had learned that everything was in his own good time. When he came back, he had a gallon of wine. Now, I had tasted wine once with he and Zelpha, and I had one Tom and Jerry at the office Christmas party. I took a very small glass and, whoopee, nerves and an empty stomach.

We had a room at the Savory Hotel, upstairs over a store. It burned about a year later. That was a noisy town with drunks down on the street. I’d never heard anything like it.

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