Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

I didn’t give up, but decided to trust him and wait. I had sold my car to Pearl and Monte, so was afoot; as was Zelpha. After the second week and a Saturday night, she walked up to the house. I know curiosity was getting to her. On our way back to town she said, “Bet you dread going back to work Monday.” I crossed my fingers behind my back and said, “No, I still have a week paid vacation,” which I did. I can’t say I didn’t look for Jim every day.

On Thursday, June 20, in the afternoon, Jim came. All he said was, “Are you going back with me?” My reply? A big yes!

We went to Grand Junction the next day to get a load of rock salt for Mr. and Mrs. Joe Titus. They lived on a ranch on the banks of the Colorado River where they had a few cows, but no transportation. Mr. Titus was on the school board and grazing board for years. He rode a horse to town and stayed with a son.

Colorado required blood tests before a couple could be married, with a three-day wait. I had taken mine but Jim hadn’t had his. Utah didn’t require blood tests, so Jim said, “Let’s go to Price and get married.”

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