Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Meanwhile, I kept on working and Zelpha kept asking questions. She couldn’t get answers from Jim. From my folks kitchen window i could look through the fields and see the slab where McPhersons parked the pickup. So when I knew he was in and I was watching I could see him leave the house. Zelpha and his mother watched too. Instead of turning north, he turned south and went around the block as to come to the house. Neither family had a telephone, so it was come and see. At that time, I had a green tweed coat with a gray fox fur, really pretty. I heard that Zelpha and Mrs. Mc would check after Jim left for the ranch for gray hair on his top coat. In those days we always dressed up for a date.

In April, Jim came out and asked when I would quit my job. We decided on June 1. He said, “I’ll be out.” He was out another time for supplies. Oh, Mildred and Everett had a baby boy, Jon, born the 29th of march .

I quit on June 1. On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th I went by and no Jim. I wrote him a letter telling him I was going over to Mildred and Everett’s for a week. After all, Jim was 29 years old. I advised that if he came in the meantime to come get me. I came back in a week and still no Jim.

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