Oral Histories

Harold Provonsha


Harold Provonsha

One time I was prospecting out here in East Dry Valley. That morning I could see the flashes in the west where they were setting off the bombs in Nevada. There came a big rainstorm and I got soaked. It made me sick, vomiting. When I got home that night, I put my Geiger Counter on me and I was hotter than a firecracker. My clothes pegged the Geiger Counter on the least sensitive scale. That rain had picked up radiation from the Nevada bombs and soaked my clothes.

(From the notes) Billie and I were going to Monticello, just past Hole ‘n the Rock. I started passing slow moving trucks and discovered it was a military convoy escorting a very slow moving large truck. The two vehicles we passed crowded in close behind us and we could see the soldiers watching us in our rear view mirrors. The soldiers had rifles pointed at us. We breathed a sigh of relief when finally there was a break in the traffic and we could pass the rest of the convoy and get out ahead of them. We have always wondered what they had in that big truck.






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