Oral Histories

Harold Provonsha


Harold Provonsha

Harold Edd Provonsha


Interview by Detta Dahl


Q: Would you state your full name?

A: Harold E. Provonsha.

Q: What does the E stand for?

A: Edd, E double D.

Q: That was your father’s name?

A: Yes.

Q: Harold, where were you born?

A: In Montrose, Colorado.

Q: What were your folks doing in Montrose when you were there?

A: My Dad was selling Dodge cars for Hartmann Brothers.

Q: Was he a good salesman?

A: He was. He did it different than most people, but he got them sold.

Q: How did he do different?

A: He just did his way of doing it. He had to be sold on them (the cars) himself and if he was sold, he could sell it to anybody else. (An honest sale.)

Q: How long did you live in Montrose?

A: I was born there, and we moved back to Moab when I was four, going on five. We moved back in 1929. I was born in 1924. When we moved back, we had to rent a place in Moab for a few months until the people that had the farm in LaSal, which had been leased and the lease was up that fall. We had to wait until the lease was up until we could go up to LaSal. We stayed in Moab for a few months.

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