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Frank “Pancho” Tabberer


Pancho & Elsie Tabberer

Q: You say just an hour a month, that isn’t much. But if you really get involved, you do more.

A:I seem to always have plenty to do.

Q: Do you have a yard and things like that?

A: A yard and a garden. We would like to – Elsie would like to travel. I’m not much of a traveler myself. She would like to see a lot of things around the country. She says “You want to play the same golf course all the time, you never want to go anywhere”.

Q: I haven’t seen everything in San Juan County.

A: That’s about right too. Never been abroad. Puerto Rico, Hawaii and to Mexico, but I’ve never been to Europe. Never been to Asia. I don’t know that we’ll go, but we might. I wouldn’t go to Asia right now. Even traveling in Eastern Canada with the World Health Organization recommending no travel to Toronto. We would never travel to Toronto anyway. Elsie’s folks come from the western part – Alberta.

Q: Where did you get the name “Pancho?”

A: When I grew up in south Texas, in the Mexican community you might say, a lot of Spanish speaking people, my great-grandmother was full-blood Spanish. She was of Spanish descent and the nearest they could come to Frank for a Mexican name was “Pancho”.

Q: Why is that near Frank?

A: Well, Franciso and Pancho are like Juan and John and Pablo and Paul. Pancho is what the Mexican came up with. Frank is Pancho so that’s what they tagged me with when I was a kid at home.

Q: Tabberer sounds more German.

A: No it’s English. My mother’s maiden name was Woods and her grandmother, which would be my great-grandmother, was named Navarro and that’s where the Spanish came from and Tabberer, my dad’s people came from England. My grandfather and grandmother both came from England on the Tabberer side. Settled in Rossville.

Q: Where is Rossville?

A: It’s 30 miles south of San Antonio. And it’s just a farm community. Don’t even have a post office there anymore. Everything moves into the city. The nearest town is Poteet.

Q: I remember Poteet in the Steve Canyon comic.

A: That’s where they got that. That’s where the gal in the comic strip got her name from Poteet, Texas.

Q: In Idaho Springs, Colorado, west of Denver, they have a statue of Steve Canyon.

A: I didn’t know that.

Q: Just as you go into town

End of tape

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