Oral Histories

Frank “Pancho” Tabberer


Pancho & Elsie Tabberer

Interview by Jean McDowell in Moab April 24, 2003



Q: When you grew up and so forth. Where were you in the beginning?

A: Where did I start? Rossville, Texas. Rossville was my great-grandfather’s town. His name was John Ross. And that’s where I started was in Rossville. I was the fourth of seven kids. My father was a farmer. And I went to school in Rossville for grade school and Poteet High School, graduated in 1947 at the age of 16. I went to Business College in San Antonio; took a business course in Drawn’s business college. I tried to get in the Army. Uncle Sam wouldn’t have me because I was 4F. I had a finger missing. My trigger finger was missing.

Q: How did you miss it?

A: I lost that in a farm accident when I was 11 years old.

Q: Machinery?

A: It was a peanut thrasher that I was helping my dad on and got it caught on.

Q: It thought it was a peanut?

A; It sure did saw it anyway. And the old doctor, TP Ware, I remember him, was a family friend as well as a doctor and he said “Twenty years from now, we’ll be able to sew that back on and save it, but now we don’t know how to do that so they just took it off and sewed it up.

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