Oral Histories

Ferne J. Mullen

b. 1919

Ferne Mullen

Q: So you said…?

(Mary?): Then he would have proceeded to tell all the kids these untruths. And he did it about every religion. He finally got called on the carpet. I don’t think he did it towards the end of his career but, boy, when you know, I ….

Q: How old were you then, Mary?

A: Seventh grade, whatever year that is. But you know they used to have a lot harder time separating church and state in schools than they do now.

I was Grand County Woman of the Year 

Q: Oh, you were the Woman of the Year – Grand County?

A: That’s when I was….

Q: When you were Council person?

A: I used to play golf. I don’t play golf anymore. The only thing that I do good about that is walk.

Q: I always thought that would be good for walking.

A: I played golf.

Q: So now, mainly you….?

Mary: Camping. Say all of the places you have been.

A: Denmark. That’s the only foreign country, except Canada.

Mary: And Mexico.

A: That’s one of my regrets.

Q: Not going to foreign countries?

A: More foreign countries.

Q: Well, could you do that tomorrow?

A: I don’t think so. I can’t. I don’t think I am strong enough now. But I had a chance, when the girls kids were gone, I wasn’t working .

Q: Where would you go?

A: Oh, I don’t know. I would love to go to France.   I went to Germany and Luxembourg,

Q: Oh, so you did go to those countries?

A: I went to those three countries, going to Norway and Sweden. 

Q: Going to Denmark?

A: My niece lived in Denmark so we took these trips. So I have been to more countries but I think that…but it was all…. if I had somebody to go with. They weren’t here. They were living in …

Q: But, I’m thinking now. Pat could probably go, except she has a new job.

A: She’s got a daughter here living . No, and I just don’t feel now is the time to…. I guess I still love to go down the river.

Q: Well.

A: The Grand

Q: Yeah.

A: My son, when I was visiting him last month said that …. he has been trying to get a ticket…. and I would go if he went.

Q: Oh, well, maybe you will go.

A: Well he’s only 131 in the rear now. When he started this, he was 374

Q: Oh, for a private trip. But maybe you could just go with a commercial trip. 

A: Not after going like that.

Q: Not for going private.

A: We were gone 32 days on the river and that is just hard to beat. But …

Q: Well, Pat is there any questions or things you think you have left out?

A: My husband was a hunter. He liked to go deer hunting.

Q: Did you go with him?

A: I did for a while. I shot one deer and no more. I didn’t like it.

Q: But you were a good shot, I guess?

A: Well, I was lucky or something. He had me do lots of things. We used the meat. I think this is probably the best mining camp I ever lived in.

Q: Moab?

A: um hum..

Q: Well, good.

A: I moved, we lived in a few that were just like Montana. They didn’t even have a school there.   Of course, I didn’t have any kids in school when we were up there but…

Q:   Well, I think this has certainly been interesting.

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