Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

Q: I think you played for the Museum one time. At one of our first sort of annual meetings.

A: I think I finally did. Yes.

Q: Do you want to do it again?

A: No, I tell you old age has set in and I have Parkinson’s and with that you can’t control your hands and that is important if you play the piano or anything else.

Q: You do have a little shaking.

A: Very shaky if I miss my medication.

Q: So it does control it?   The medication?

A: It pretty well does control it, you know. Up to a point. When I miss my medication, I know it. I know it’s missing.

Q: So when you were out at Pack Creek, was that with Ken Sleight? Or with the previous owner?

A: Yes. Ken and Jane. And, strange how that began. They were having a big Thanksgiving dinner out there and I was invited so a lot of us were peeling potatoes and doing all this work toward the dinner and someone asked me to play, so I played while they worked. And, then after that I started playing up there every Sunday at the dinner in the evenings. That was fun.

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