Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

Q: So you had two homes?

A: Yes. And I had a place to live down here so I did not have to worry about motel reservations and all that stuff.

Q: Did you drive back and forth?

A: Yes.

Q: So, do you miss Salt Lake?

A: Not really. I miss the area I lived in. You know. But Salt Lake is big and it was even smoggy when I lived there.

Q: Oh, the inversion that they often have.

A: I still have good friends there but I don’t really want to live there.

Q: Well, if Sam Taylor is your cousin, I guess you kept touch over all the years with the newspaper? Did you ever get involved with the newspaper?

A: No.   No I didn’t.   

Q: So what years were you in Salt Lake? You graduated from college and stayed there?

A: I went there in 1934 and I graduated from the U in 1938. No. I graduated from the U in 1942. And then I stayed there and worked until I retired. But I always came back home. 

Q: So you came here as soon as you retired?

A: Yes. I still had a lot of friends here and family.

Q: What did you major in?

A: Music and art and education. 

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