Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

A: I will let somebody else worry about that.

Q: So you will be having a library on the corner?

A: It’s what they say.

Q: So, doesn’t Elaine live right next to you?

A: Elaine lives in the house closest to the corner. This little house in the middle here, belongs to Elaine. It used to be a rental house. She didn’t want to be a landlady any longer and I didn’t either. So we just keep our things in there. Our junk.

Q: Well, it’s nice to have your own storage unit.

A: Yes,

Q: I think people would ask you, real estate people would be after you , when are you going to sell it?

A:   Well, quite a number of people come by and inquire about that house.

Q:   It’s a nice location.

A: And it’s a cute little rental house.

Q: You don’t want to bother? You would have all that stuff to take care of.

A: Yes. What would we do with our things. So, we will just let somebody else worry about that.

Q: Well, we know your specific reason for being in Moab and what brought you here. Here is a question. How has the influx of newcomers and their ideas, impacted the town’s social structures? Have the newcomers, and their ideas, had any impact on you?

A: No, not really.

Q: So you don’t worry about it?

A: I really don’t because what will be will be. And what I say wouldn’t matter anyway. And, you know, there are young people who are willing to take this business on because, you know, others of us get too old to do it.

Q: Well, I think that is a fine statement and maybe we will just close with that.

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