Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

Q: Well, I’ve gotten in that habit of not locking the door. Do you know where Juniper is…?

A: Yes.

Q: Out near the golf course but it is a dead end street sort of thing. I am probably getting careless.

A: It’s a good idea to lock your doors. The things I read, I lock my doors.

Q: You are younger than your sister?

A: Yes, Elaine is now 94.   She will be 95 this year. In fact, this month. And I am 12 years younger than she is.   I will be 83 in September.

Q: Well, it seems that time goes by.

A: It really does. It goes in a hurry.

Q: So what do you think of Moab now? You said you still have lines to wait in and that it is sort of the same.

A: Yes. I don’t like it as well as I did when I was a kid. Even though it is still not large, it is large compared to what it was. It used to be about 800 people when I was a kid growing up. Everybody knew everybody in town and all their business. Names of their horses and dogs and the whole thing, you know.   But it was a real fun place to grow up. 

Q: So did it become less fun to visit when you came back to visit it during the uranium times?

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