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Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

A: He tries to come every year, in October. Well, he just comes to visit. He misses Moab. He was born and raised here and he loved it and he didn’t leave until the 1930s during the depression and there was no work for people so he found work in — well he fell in love with a little school teacher here from Texas. So they went back to Texas where he could find some work ‘cause there certainly wasn’t any here at that time.

Q: So he did find it there?

A: Yes. But he is a young 92 and he still comes every year to check things out and see how we all are.

Q: Well, you are quite the piano player. Were you a professional piano player or teacher?

A: Well, I taught but I did not teach piano. I did to a few kids in Moab but I didn’t do it as a living or anything. But I did play a lot and I have played professionally and I did teach music in the schools.

Q: Well, we appreciate the piano you gave the museum that was brought over on the ferry.

A: Yes, that was the first piano in Moab.

Q: And were you a teacher of something else .. not of piano but …?

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