Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

A: I will let somebody else worry about that.

Q: So you will be having a library on the corner?

A: It’s what they say.

Q: So, doesn’t Elaine live right next to you?

A: Elaine lives in the house closest to the corner. This little house in the middle here, belongs to Elaine. It used to be a rental house. She didn’t want to be a landlady any longer and I didn’t either. So we just keep our things in there. Our junk.

Q: Well, it’s nice to have your own storage unit.

A: Yes,

Q: I think people would ask you, real estate people would be after you , when are you going to sell it?

A:   Well, quite a number of people come by and inquire about that house.

Q:   It’s a nice location.

A: And it’s a cute little rental house.

Q: You don’t want to bother? You would have all that stuff to take care of.

A: Yes. What would we do with our things. So, we will just let somebody else worry about that.

Q: Well, we know your specific reason for being in Moab and what brought you here. Here is a question. How has the influx of newcomers and their ideas, impacted the town’s social structures? Have the newcomers, and their ideas, had any impact on you?

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