Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

A: I don’t know.

Q: Oh well. So you said Walter Shutt.  There used to be some people named Waltersheid out on the highway, Betty Waltersheid.  

A: No, this was Walter Shutt. Teddy Goodman married a man named Mr. Shutt from….

Q: And his first name was Walter? OK.

A: And so she had a little boy about my age. We were close in age. She named him Walter and his last name was Shutt.   And he and his mother, his mother and father divorced so Walter lived with his mother and his Grannie Goodman and Mr. Goodman. Mrs. Goodman was one of the founder’s of the Moab Literary Club here.

Q: Oh she was?

A: Yes. And she used to always call her husband Mr. Goodman. 

Q: I guess that was the way it was done in those days.

A: I guess so. It was really funny. She would say, “Mr. Goodman, would you do this?”

Q: Were you in the Literary Club?

A: Oh no. I was a little kid.

Q: I thought it evolved into the Moab Literary Club, because they finally lasted a hundred years and they gave us all their minutes. They gave it to the Museum. I thought they turned into just the Moab Women’s Club.

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