Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

Q: Did Elaine become a Mormon?

A: Well, she always was but she was never active until she was an adult and then she became quite active in it.

Q: Was your mother quite active?

A: Well, in a way. Sometimes she was and sometimes she wasn’t. It depended on what she had to do, I suppose.

Q: What made you decide not to become active?

A: Well, I am too much of a doubting Thomas. I ask too many why’s.

Q: A skeptic.

A: How come this and how come that?

Q: Well, I think that is great.

A: And so, I didn’t do well in churches.

Q: Were you asked to leave? And not disrupt things?

A: No. No. I would just leave myself because I didn’t want to stay. And I remember as a little kid I used to.. We had two churches and I used to prefer one over the other and I suppose I wasn’t supposed to go to the one I preferred.

Q: I suppose that was the Baptist?

A: Yes, and so I didn’t go at all. If I couldn’t go to the one I wanted to, I wouldn’t go at all. So I didn’t.

Q: Did you find any problems with playmates or parties or anything?

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