Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

Q: And they named the hospital after him?

A:   They named the new hospital after him.

Q: So you grew up to know him, I suppose.

A: Oh yes. His son and his step children were good friends of mine. We were life-long friends as kids, you know, and still are — the ones of us who are still left.

Q: So your mother was Lydia Skewes.

A: Yes. She was Lydia Taylor Skewes.

Q: Sam Taylor’s cousin? Or your first cousin?

A: Yes. Sam and I are first cousins. His dad and my mother were brother and sister. So, Sam and I go back a long way too.

Q: Just you and your sister, Elaine Peterson? Were you the only children?

A: No, Mother had five children. Our one sister, Madge, is not living now and our two brothers do not live here. One lives in Texas..

Q: He’s the one who gave us the gun.

A: He’s the one who gave you the guns. And, the other brother lives in Bountiful.

Q: So you see them every now and then?

A: Well, not really often, because we are all getting too old to get up and go anywhere. 

Q: I think the Texas gun-giver did come up again. Either last year ..

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