Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

Q: Did the fall kill him or did he have a heart attack?

A: They don’t know whether he had a heart attack and fell and broke his neck or whether he had a heart attack in the tree and … they didn’t know which came first, you know.   Anyway, these two little boys, I believe one of them was Tom Stocks came running in our back door to the telephone. Mother didn’t know what these kids were doing in her house.

Q: Were you there?

A: No, I was in Salt Lake. And, of course, they were calling the equivalent of 911, whatever that was then, you know. But that’s what happened to Dad.

Q: So, Dr. Allen came over to see him.

A: Oh, you bet. Dr. Allen made house calls.

Q: Was your mother worried about his being a Sheriff ?

A: Oh yes. There were some pretty touch and go things happen here. You know there, at one time, there were two escaped prisoners from the penitentiary, they were also murderers. They were in there for murder and robbery. They escaped and came down here. Dad caught them and things like that you would be bound to worry. But he had some wonderful experiences.

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