Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

A: This was in the early 1900s. He and his father were interested in the big Indian mines.

Q: Oh, he was involved in that?

A: Yes. And he met Mother.

Q: The Indian mines, when there were copper mines out here?

A: Yes.

Q: Not the uranium?

A: No, uranium they didn’t even know about then. They knew about it but they didn’t think it was worth anything.

Q: Well, we have pictures of the copper mine established when it sounds as though they got it all fired up but it never produced a lot of copper.

A: It didn’t. It wasn’t too successful. I know there was Senator Smoot, Sen. Reed Smoot, way back and his brother Harlow, who they called Brownie, and they were friends of Dad’s. Dad was sort of a foreman out there.

Q: Was he also Sheriff at the same time?

A: Not at the same time. He became Sheriff a little later.

Q: According to Grand Memories or something, he led this hazardous life as a Sheriff and then he was out climbing in the orchard and he fell.

A: Out in back of the house. He was up in a tree, pruning at the ripe old age of 72 and Mother went out to tell him to stop it and get out of that tree immediately. She went back into the house and apparently he fell out of the tree. Two little school boys saw him fall out of the tree. 

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