Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

Q: The one the library is going to have?  

A: Yes. That corner was Mr. Goodman’s lot. 

Q: Well, I know Rusty has investigated Mr. Goodman. He must have been quite a character.

A: He was a character. He was a funny man and he didn’t even mean to be funny. But, he was a cattleman and he and his friend, Harry Green, came to Moab. They married two girls from Colorado, Dolores around there. I think it was called Northdale, Colorado. It was a little wide spot in the road. And Mr. Goodman married Louise, Mary Louise, and Mr. Green married Annie.   And, they each had a nice home here.

Q: Where did the Greens live?

A: Mr. Green was one of the founder’s of Moab’s First National Bank.

Q: He was the banker that supposedly carried a gun?

A: Yes. That was Harry Green. And, so they were two of the towns pillars. My grandfather also was. He built the big Ranch House down there — or had it built.

Q: Well, then your father was the Sheriff?

A: Yes.   Dad was a newcomer though. He came from California.

Q: Oh. An outsider.

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