Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

Q: Oh no! She saw your list

A: She saw the note book and the list. She said, “She will get to it.”

Q: And you did?

A: And I did. Yeah. Those were fun days. 

Q: Did you have any interaction with the agencies, the park or the BLM?

A: No, I didn’t.

Q: Do you like to go hiking or riding or…?

A: No, I haven’t done anything like that since I was a kid.   I haven’t the whatever it takes. It’s too hot, I’m too old and I have emphysema and asthma so I am no hiker. 

Q: Well, had you been?

A: Oh, when I was younger, we lived in the hills.

Q: Where did you like to go? Any place in particular?

A: Oh, just climb all over the hills.   Mother had some binoculars and she could check on us and see that we got clear to the top and then we would come back. But, we had to entertain and amuse ourselves, you know.

Q: Well, I think people like you did. Seems so often we don’t have things for the teenagers to do. Well, they used to do whatever they did before without it being _________. Well, there is just a lot of nice country around here. Just to wander.

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