Oral Histories

Deone Skewes


Deone Skewes

Q: I trust they paid you for it?

A: No. I wouldn’t take any money so they said I couldn’t do it anymore. So, if I wouldn’t so I said, “Let’s not do that”

Q: Did they feed you?

A: Yes. I said, “Why don’t I just have dinner and we’ll call it square?” So that’s what we did.

Q: Well, that was certainly a good deal for them. Did you play all through the dinner hour?

A: Yes. Usually played for two or three hours Sunday evenings and once in a while somebody would come up and ask me to play something, Stardust or whatever, and leave a nice tip on the piano. One of the waiters put a big goblet and I said, “No you can’t do that.   I don’t want that here at all.” So I took the money container off the piano and that is kind of like asking people to put something in there and I didn’t want them to. So, we got rid of that and so they would just talk to me and under their hand might be a nice bill, or something you know, so that was okay, you know. But I didn’t want people to think they were supposed to do that.

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