Oral Histories

Dale & Donna Oviatt

Donna: b. 1929 - Dale: b.1929

Donna & Dale Oviatt

Q: Were you driving in Japan? What side of the road do they drive on?

Dale: Yes, (Wrong side) Over there they drive on the left hand side. To tell you the truth, it was harder to get used to driving on the right hand side when I came back than it was to get used to driving on the left hand side over there.

Q: After the truck driving, then you went up on Polar Mesa? Who were you working for there and what did you do?

Dale: Harold Dull, his brother. (keeping it in the family) I was drilling, shooting, mucking, just mining it.

Q: Was the pay pretty good for a miner?

Dale: Yes. It paid pretty good.

Q: Was it a safe mine?

Dale: They didn’t have any accidents there that I know of. And I worked out at the Gray Dawn for Cal Uranium. My brother was boss out there. I was doing the same thing: mining, drilling, shooting.

Q: Was it a big crew?

Dale: Out at the Gray Dawn, it was just the three of us. My brother, and the guy I went to work at the county for was the helper there. He was boss afterwards.

Q: You worked at the mill, too?

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